Selling your home is a lot like selling your car...

Selling your home is a lot like selling your car...
Hello, everyone. I'm Carla Bello with Signature Choice Realty in Valdosta, Georgia. Friends, selling your home is like selling your car. You have to find out how much it's worth and how much people are willing to pay for it. For this, you will need your realtor to pull a CMA.
You might be asking yourself, "What is a CMA?" A CMA, or comparative market analysis in real estate, is a side-by-side comparison of homes for sale and homes that have recently sold in the same neighborhood and price range.
This information is further sorted by data, such as the type of home, number of bedrooms, number of beds, lot size, the neighborhood, property condition and its features and many other factors. The purpose is to show the estimated market value based on what other buyers and sellers have determined through past sales, pending sales and homes recently put on the market.
The best part about a CMA is that it's usually free. However, CMAs can vary widely depending on the knowledge and skill of the person creating the CMA, as well as the number and type of data fields that are chosen. Some important features may not be included and as informative as the CMA is, it should only be used as a tool and should not substitute for your real estate professional's knowledge and advice. If you are looking for a realtor in the Valdosta area who can explain to you what a CMA is and how it works on properties that you're either selling or buying, reach out, and I will be happy to go over CMAs in detail and help you find the correct dollar amount for your home.
Give me a call at (229) 379-7205 or (229) 249-5449, and let's get started on creating a CMA for your home.

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