How to get yourself ready to buy a home

Hi! I’m Carla Bello with Signature Choice Realty in Valdosta, GA. Are you tired of paying high rent prices? Do you think buying a home is in your future? Then, I want to talk with you about getting yourself ready. I have three tips for you to get yourself ready to purchase a home!

1. The first tip is to know your credit score. When you purchase a home, you have to qualify for a home loan based on your finances and credit history, which needless to say must be in great shape. If your score is not quite high enough, you can focus on improving it before you start looking at homes.

2. Explore loan and down payment options by speaking with a home mortgage lender. By speaking with a lender, you will know what kind of down payment you’ll have to save up for to buy a home. Down payments are calculated based on the type of home loan you obtain. Listen to the professional advice of your lender to determine what loan you’re eligible for and is right for you.

3. Think about the type of home you will want - a home that will fit your lifestyle and your needs. Is being close to work important to you, do you want a large yard? Do you want an extra bedroom to serve as your home office? Do you need a large kitchen or eating area for your family dinners? Would you be happy in a condo? It’s all up to you, your needs, and your budgeted amount to spend. While buying a home can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be.

Follow the three tips I gave you, know your credit score, and improve it if needed, explore loan and down payment options with a lender, and be thinking about the type of home you would like to have based on your lifestyle and needs. Do these three steps before you even start looking for a home. After you have done all three of these steps, then call me to help you locate the perfect home for you! Call me at 229-379-7205 and I’ll help you move through the home buying process, smoothly, and stress free. I would be honored to be your trusted Valdosta REALTOR®.

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