If you’ve fallen for any of these four examples of bad listing advice, it’s time to re-evaluate your perspective. Today, let’s examine the truth behind these misguided tips.

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Not all advice is good advice. Sometimes well-intentioned suggestions are more harmful than helpful, so today I’d like to share four examples of listing tips that miss the mark:

1. “You should limit your showings.” The first couple of weeks that your home is on the market are crucial, and passing up showings during this time is a huge mistake. When it comes time to sell, you should be drawing buyers toward your home, not away from it.

2. “You don’t have to disclose everything.” This is absolutely not true. If you don’t, something you failed to mention could come back to haunt you after the deal has closed.


"Sometimes, well-intentioned suggestions are more harmful than helpful."


3. “You shouldn’t make home improvements.” Making home improvements will show that your home is worth what you’re asking for. Forgoing these upgrades will more than likely damage your chances of success.

4. “You need to have an open house in order to sell.” Open houses are actually more beneficial for your agent than for your home sale. These events are a prospecting tool to help agents gather leads, and they’ll rarely have an impact in drawing buyers to your home. Instead, today’s buyers are more commonly attracted to homes by the listing’s online presence.

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