Cultivating the Relationship

Hi, Janice MacMillan, broker owner for Signature Choice Realty here in Valdosta. Did you know that cultivating the relationship is actually cultivating the sale? Good business relationships are about good communication. Communicating on a regular basis with your clients is essential for building good relationships. Select a time of day and mode of communication that works best for your client. Don't leave them guessing or bring them news about the deal when it's too late to act upon it. Your clients want to know what's happening. This will also help avoid a lot of frustration. Always be proactive. Clients shouldn't have to call you to find out what's going on. Don't let communication fall through the cracks because you're too busy or get sidetracked. Put this on your calendar. A great realtor will ask questions, but most importantly, will listen intently to your client's needs. Are they looking for the quickest sale or for the highest price? Knowing the answer to this question will determine which marketing strategy to use. Honor your client's time. If you value their time, they will value yours. End of story.

And lastly, put the relationship before your commission. The rest will follow. If you're interested in joining a brokerage that's built on relationships first, please give me a call at (229) 834-0946.

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